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    Running Experience Totals


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    Running Experience Totals Empty Running Experience Totals

    Post  GMChristian on Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:19 pm

    Burgun (3rd level)(Total[approx.])- 13,856 xp (mini, painted)

    Dur (3rd level)(Total)- 11,173 xp

    Gallarien (3rd level)(Total)-8457 xp

    Isaac (3rd level)(Total)- 9741 xp

    Oleg (4th level)(Total)- 14,106 xp (mini, painted, background)

    Samoht (3rd level)(Total)- 11,148 xp

    Master Sergent Ron(3rd level)(Total)-10,316 xp

    Torak (3rd level)(Total[approx.])-13,256 xp

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