An online extension of the Undermountain run on Monday nights at Games & Gizmos Redmond.



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    Post  GMChristian on Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:33 pm

    Yet another fricking way that I[m "power-leveling" you ass-clowns.

    If you bring a miniature that represents your character and bears at least a passing resemblance to said character, one time bonus of 500 xp. You can buy a pewter mini, plastic, use a lego man or even just find a pre-painted plastic from the D&D, Pathfinder Battles, Wiz-Kids or other lines. Just show me that you care and bring it with you, we'll call it good.

    Since we do have some miniature gamers (and greater?) playing in this game, I know you can produce some good stuff. For anyone that actually goes through the trouble of customizing and/or painting a unique mini, you get another 100 xp. If you have someone else do the work for you, that's fine, you still get the 100 xp. It's the character the mini represents that gets the XP, not the painter (Sorry, John and Dave, you can't farm me like this).

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