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    Trial of Irion Irlingstar & Kibbon of Athkatla


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    Trial of Irion Irlingstar & Kibbon of Athkatla Empty Trial of Irion Irlingstar & Kibbon of Athkatla

    Post  GMChristian on Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:26 pm

    Fellow Waterdhavians, at the Lords' decree the trial of Irion Irlingstar and Kibbon of Athkatla is be held ten days hence, the 23rd of Marpenoth, on charges of injuring a citizen through gross negligence, destruction of private property in excess of five hundred gold and reckless endangerment. Both Irion and Kibbon stand accused of conducting illegal cart races throughout the Dock Ward that has led to the destruction of multiple cart, deaths of horses and injury to drivers and bystanders. All citizens with information in the case, victim and witness, are called to appear before the Lord's Council at Highsun on the 23rd and to testify truthfully before this highest of courts.

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